While every real estate agent, has certain specific, even – unique, characteristics, personalities, traits, etc, the most successful ones, nearly always, possess certain desirable CHARMS. This does not mean, one should aim, to become a clone of anyone else, but, rather, merely, it is wise, to learn lessons, from the experiences, etc, of successful agents. With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and, why, one wishing to be successful in this profession, should focus on these, and, homeowners and buyers, should seek individuals with these characteristics, and qualities.

1. Contact (for information) – develop rapport: Often, how one behaves, and how quickly one does, when contacted for information, etc, is a major difference, between the best agents, and the rest, of the pack! Great agents easily develop rapport with everyone they come into contact with, and this behavior, attracts others, in a positive, welcoming manner!

2. Hot buttons: Wise agents discover, what is most meaningful to those, they come into contact with! They ask questions, and effectively listen, and learn, rather than trying to control conversations. A component of human nature, is, having certain likes, and dislikes, and, in order to provide the best quality service, discover, recognize, and realize, both, their client’s (actual and prospective), as well as any potential qualified buyers’, so – called, hot – buttons!

3. Attention; acknowledge; articulate: Great agents pay keen attention, to each, and every aspect, of any specific, real estate deal, etc! They become willing and ready, to acknowledge the possibilities, in a positive, proactive way. This must lead to the ability, and willingness, to clearly articulate their message, ideas, system, etc, and provide the benefits of their professional experience and expertise!

4. Reach out: One must realize, this period of time, is often, somewhat scary, confusing and stressful, to homeowners, and potential buyers. Therefore, one should, proactively, reach out, in a positive, informative, helpful way, to assist, and ease, these fears, etc!

5. Motivate: One can, either, motivate and inspire, their clients and customers, by being positive, helpful, etc, rather than articulating their message, in a less welcoming manner! It often takes inspiration, and motivation, to help others, expand the self – created, limits, of their self – imposed, comfort zone!

6. Solutions; service; system: How can an agent provide valuable service, unless he introduces, explains, and implements, the best system, for the specific circumstance, and provides viable solutions, for any conceivable obstacle. etc?

Understand, and seek, the CHARMS of real estate representation. The more these are used, and appreciated, the better the service!