For generations, a core component, of attempting to market, and sell, your client’s house, is conducting an Open House, in order, to attempt to generate interest, and, hopefully, inspire and motivate potential, qualified buyers, to seriously consider, your house, for their needs. However, if it was so simple, and basic, one would simply, hold these, and their houses, would receive multiple, qualified offers. The reality is, it isn’t so simple or basic, and, these events, must be perceived, as one component of an overall, sales and marketing program/ plan. Some houses, and certain circumstances, are more suitable for an Open House, while others, may not be! With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, consider, review, examine, and discuss, some of the basics, of making the most of these, as part of an overall attempt, to achieve the best possible price, in the shortest, possible, period of time, with a minimum of hassle/ stress.

1. Objectively evaluate the property: Before proceeding, objectively consider, and evaluate the target property, know the strengths and weaknesses, and how it compares with the competition! Why would you select a specific, listing price, and will it, provide positive results? Once you know the strengths and weaknesses, how will you accentuate the positive, while effectively, addressing areas of weakness. Is this house, a candidate for staging, and how might, doing so, show the house, to better response, etc?

2. Preparing for the Open House: Smart agents take their clients, for a ride, so they can observe, for themselves, the curb appeal, etc, the home, possesses! This will help convince the owner, certain basic steps, might benefit the cause. Then, enter the main/ front door, and observe, the first impression, a potential buyer, might experience. Are there any undesirable obstructions, or odors, which might, negatively impact, the possibilities? Would touching – up, the paint, etc, be helpful? How about the floors?

3. Should the house, be staged?: What’s the condition of the existing furniture and fixtures, etc? Is the home, over – crowded, and, if, so, staging might, reduce unappealing clutter, etc?

4. Marketing the Open House: How will the event, be promoted? In the past, newspaper advertising was the sole way, however, today, the most effective way, is, on the Internet, Featuring the Open House, on the appropriate websites, such as Zillow, Trulia, MLS, etc, is important, but, at least, for the first ones held, marketing and advertising, in local newspapers, is often helpful. In addition, contact as many other real estate agencies, and inform them, of the Brokers Inspections, in order to generate more interest. The better, you target the audience, and attract, the appropriate, qualified, potential buyers, usually, the better the results.

5. Day of Event: Smart agents arrive early, have the owners get away from the house, and quickly, observe, what needs, attention, such as straightening beds, putting away toys, emphasizing homeowners, put away valuables, and reduce personal pictures, etc. They put out signs, and use effective sign – in technology. They follow – up on everyone who attends, and do so professionally, and in a timely manner.

6. Review results with owner: After the event, review the results with your client, especially, the turnout, level of interest, etc.

Agents must let their clients understand, houses must be seen, to be sold, and the more effectively, this is done, the happier they will be. Will you be a quality agent?