Before you hire any individual, to become your real estate agent, it’s important to fully examine, your choices, and options/ alternatives, so you maximize your potential to act wisely, and protect, what, for most people, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, their home! When you interview, potential candidates, listen carefully, and fully consider, their personal QUEST, and mission. This will help you be assured, the agent, you choose, has your best interest in mind, instead of theirs! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, whether one is buying or selling his home, is an important consideration.

1. Quality/ qualities; question: What qualities, are you seeking, in the individual, you choose, and hire, to represent your interests, in such an important process? How might you ensure, during the interview process, the specific agent, is a person, of genuine quality? Ask challenging questions, and observe, how they respond, and their apparent attitude, body language, and focus! Is it about them, or you? Do they ask you any questions about your needs, goals, aspirations, and personal situation?

2. Unique; usual/ unusual; useful: What does a specific person, offer, which provides, relevant, unique, performance, etc? Determine whether he, might be able, to, fully consider, both, the usual, and unusual, requirements of real estate representation! Will the person, you hire, offer, the best, most useful, service and representation?

3. Empathy; emphasis; energy; excellence; ethics: Consider, whether someone, effectively listens, and learns, and is willing to proceed with the utmost degree of genuine empathy! Discuss his emphasis, and whether, he maintains, the utmost degree of genuine energy! Demand the highest degree of personal excellence! Never hire any agent, unless you believe, in their personal and professional ethics!

4. Service; solutions; system: Great agents provide the utmost service to their clients, every day! They provide relevant, viable solutions, which will benefit you, consistently! Let them explain, their system, including the core of their marketing plans, and why, it is the best one, for you!

5. Timely: When you set an appointment, beware of any agent, who is not, on – time. If they won’t be, for this essential meeting, isn’t it an indication, they will probably, fail to proceed, with the necessary degree and commitment to timely action!

Before you hire a real estate agent, fully consider, and examine, their real QUEST, and who it, primarily, serves! Protect your investment, and ease the transaction period.