While it certainly is exciting to build a custom home, it is also overwhelming. Since there are a variety of custom home builders and they may or may not have guides to help one through the process, it pays to get organized before the initial meeting. With all the decisions to make it’s a great way to make it all less stressful. A key step is to get it all out of one’s head and organize all the pertinent information via an easy to use method.

Changes to Existing Residence

When considering the home or residence currently being lived in, what are the favorite aspects? Is the back deck phenomenal? What about all the natural light. Any elements that one would like to incorporate in the new build they should list out.

Now, make a list of the things that aren’t working well. Anything that needs to be improved goes in this list, along with possible solutions. It helps to walk through the current residence and make notes in each room.

List the Most Important to Least

Elements that are most important should be listed or charted so they can be implemented in the new house. The more specific the description the better for the custom home builders to understand. One could even have the builder walk through and see these elements. Anything that’d be difficult to live without should be included. This list will likely change a bit throughout the process but it’s a great start.

For all the information about to be built and collected, a binder with tabs or another type of notebook, even digital is great. Include the names of custom home builders, architects, designers, and contractors in the binder for easy access. Also, include pictures of rooms that are attractive and have decorative elements. Finally, a copy of the budget should be included so everything is within negotiating distance at any given moment. Keeping everything centralized will soothe the stress level.

Prepare the Current Home for Sale or Departure

The sooner one gets their current home ready to vacate the better. Take the time given by the chosen custom home builders and divvy it up as to what things will be completed where living now. Decluttering, yard sales, improvements and listing with a real estate agent are all vital steps to preparing to move out and on!

The best part of getting all this done now is that when it comes time to move it will be much easier. There are plenty of moving checklists online that can be printed out for convenience.

Hope for the Best – Plan for the Worst

It’s scary to read, yes, however it’s better to be mentally prepared. No matter how long a custom home builder says it’ll take to complete something, plan on it taking about 20% longer at least. There are always things to do even if the timing stays on schedule. Plan days so that when something unexpected arises there will be plenty of time on the schedule to tackle it.

Also, when it comes to budget take off about 20% of the total and plan for it. This will be for any unforeseen circumstances. Even with the most careful planning, something is bound to come up that could be an extra expense. On the flip side, something may be less expensive and money is saved.

Working with custom home builders can be stressful, but that stress can be managed. Get a strong plan in place and get to know the process so that there will be mostly success and fun.