Latest custom home trends

Whether you’re building a new home or are just a bit curious, here are some of the latest custom home trends carrying over from the end of the year.

Smaller Homes

Perhaps the biggest change in trends is that of homes becoming smaller rather than larger. An average size is around 2,000 square feet. Simplifying lives is a strong trend that many are jumping on board for!

It’s also thought that part of the trend is the downturn in the economy which has made many thriftier with finances. A smaller home means lower utility bills. Plus, the demographic is an aging one and they don’t need a great deal of space.

Living Room, Dining Room – Bye-bye!

In lieu of a variety of rooms, great rooms that combine the family rooms, dining and kitchen are still the best. These allow the entire family to be together with all the room needed to eat, watch TV, do homework and hang out. If someone want’s privacy, they can go to a bedroom!

Green Elements

Having energy-efficient appliances and windows is still a hot trend. Engineered woods and anything with a high energy-efficiency rating will be on point as far as the latest custom home trends. Long-term savings that come along with these choices is more than appealing to those building or updating a home.

Trends in Color

Colors of choice are always changing, blues and greys were super popular in 2015. In 2016 things like mixed metals paired with wood will be chosen, especially copper. Grey and black will work perfectly with metals so they, too, will be included in the latest custom home trends. The greatest thing about metallic is that they work with most color combos.

Textures Galore

Buyers are finding an appreciation for texture this year, mostly with raw materials. Engineered wood and stone are especially popular. The textures they bring to home design give a special, organic feel that is the opposite of the smooth choices in recent years. Think “harnessing true beauty” when shopping for countertops, cabinets and the like.

Kiss Contemporary Kitchens Goodbye

Thinking about resale, many are understanding that the sleek look of kitchens past are not so loved when it comes to resale. Instead, clean and simple designs that include traditional elements with some modern are appealing. Latest custom home trends include non-touch faucets, touchscreen appliances that take personalized settings and other motion-activated goodies.

Shaker-style cabinets are always on trend and have a wide appeal that brings a warm and welcoming feeling to whomever steps in. Sticking with wood finishes is best and those building a home have their choice of dark and light woods.

Fall in Love with the Bathroom

A bathroom can be an escape from the outside world when following the latest custom home trends. Not only designers but builders have been getting requests for fixtures that control more than one water source. Also, many prefer touchscreen displays that give them more control over features such as water temperature and flow.

As far as bathtubs, those that are free-standing are becoming more affordable which is having them rise in popularity. The latest custom home trends are seeing angular, curved, vintage, contemporary and so many more styles of tubs and showers all available at different price points to fit any budget.

Also, for those that prefer showers over bathtubs they are often completely forgoing putting a tub in and adding a larger, two-person shower or an extra closet or storage space instead.

Trends are always changing from year to year, or even within the same year. One can follow the latest custom home trends by getting magazines or browsing online.