Homebuyers differ in the things they look for when buying a property. Some families prefer flat homes with a backyard while some prefer a two-level property. There are young couples who like to live near the beach with views of the water while the others opt for an apartment near the city center.

The latest data from Realestate.com.au shows the top five things buyers look for when searching for a property. These are based on the top search terms on the site this 2017. On top of the list are pools, granny flat, waterfront, views and beach.


Swimming pools have always been an attraction to many property buyers. They provide a space for rest and relaxation particularly on hot summer days. Real estate experts have also confirmed that the presence of a pool increases a property’s value and gives a great return on investment when sold.

Swimming pools are in demand in Australia. Homeowners in areas with warm climate such as Perth prefer to have pools in their homes. Many Australians also like resort-style outdoor spaces hence, the demand for pools.

Granny Flats

The granny flat is also in great demand today owing to its versatility. It should be noted that this residential property is not restricted to just the grandmas and grandpas as it is also a top choice of parents whose older children still live with them.

Financial and construction specialists in Australia have confirmed that many homeowners are converting their backyards into granny flats for additional income and to avail of tax deductions. Empty nesters take advantage of these flats and rent them out to earn extra income. But apart from the rental income option, a well-built granny flat can add value to the overall residential property. Its cost is added to the property’s price since it cannot be put on a separate ownership title and therefore, cannot be sold separately.

Waterfront, Views, Beaches

Properties close to the beach are also on top of the most-searched list. Fantastic nature views particularly those of the ocean and a property in a waterfront location always provide a great feeling of comfort and relaxation. Additionally, it’s easy to hit the beach whenever you feel like taking a dip in sea water on a hot summer day or any other day you feel like taking a stroll on the sand.

These five features add financial and emotional value to any home, according to Hockingstuart senior sales consultant David Sullivan. They are guaranteed to improve the lifestyle of homeowners and give them significant profits when they decide to sell the home.