Renting a house is a big commitment, so you should always be sure that you have all of the information that you need before you sign any tenancy agreement. Here we will take a look at the ten questions you simply have to ask before you rent a house.

How Much Is The Rent?

Before you can even consider looking at a place you need to know how much you are going to be paying to live there. How much will it cost a month, how much will it increase over time and do you have the budget to keep up with the payments.

Can You Decorate?

Decorating is a big part of making a house feel like a home, so it is only natural you will want to add some personal splashes to the house. Make sure that you are OK to decorate and that you are aware of any limitations placed upon you.

How Long Is The Lease?

You need to know exactly how long you will be staying in the house, at a minimum, in addition to knowing what needs to be done on both sides to break the lease if required. There’s no use planning ahead if the lease is month-to-month.

Can You Keep Pets?

A lot of landlords prefer not to have pets in a house that they rent out, so you need to ask before you move in if they have any rules in that regards. In some cases they will be happy to accommodate you, but in others you will have to adjust to life without animals or find somewhere that allow you to keep them.

Can Guests Stay Over?

A lot of tenancy agreements will contain some form of stipulation in regards to having guests over to the house. In most cases these will be quite lax, but there are some who are very strict about letting people stay over.

Are Upgrades Possible?

If you have looked around and noticed that the carpet is a little worse for wear and some of the appliances look a little old, it is worth broaching the subject of upgrades. In some cases you will find a landlord who is already in the process or is willing to help out.

How Does Maintenance Work?

The landlord has a duty to their tenant to make sure that everything in the flat is working as it is supposed to. Ask the landlord about who they will have come out if there is an issue and how quickly such problems will get resolved.

What Are The Neighbours Like?

You want to live as comfortably as you can, so it is important to get a sense for what the neighbours are like. A landlord is rarely going to tell you if they are awful, but try to keep an ear open for any noise coming from next door when you are on a viewing.

Are Utilities Working?

When you are on your viewing, make it a point to check the utilities. Check the water pressure and any electrical outlets so that you can point out any issues before you go into the house.

Can I See The Inventory?

Most landlords will keep an inventory of the various issues and items inside the property. Ask for this and then conduct your own during a viewing so that you can be sure everything is as they say it is and you can point out any differences.