Has your real estate postcards marketing benefited from cheap postcard printing? Do you find your designs lacking in appeal? If you think your readers could not connect with your postcard presentation, then perhaps it is about time to enhance and level up your postcard layouts.

Focus your energies on four areas of improvement in an attempt to revamp the layout of your postcards. Let us first tamper on your postcard’s orientation.

  1. Vertical or horizontal – do not stick to one! – As a standard format, most postcards adopt the horizontal orientation. Rather than stick with this orientation out of habit, try to step out of that marketing comfort zone and pursue variety. If you go vertical once in a while, some changes in your postcards marketing will become more palpable. People hanker for something new. They need a respite from the usual, the common and the habitual. Real estate postcards marketing should likewise take into consideration prospects’ yearning for something different. Choosing a different orientation can set you apart from competitors as this paves the way to new design ideas for the postcard.
  2. Zoom in on an area – Take this as an opportunity to channel out inner innovativeness. Inject a bit of creativity in the design department of your real estate postcards marketing and improve the postcard’s area of emphasis. If you are plugging a property, for instance, see to it that it is the brightest spot or is strategically placed in the color cover. This can be done by using a software application like Photoshop to brighten the primary image intended for the postcard. In addition to putting more light to the picture, you can also highlight or place borders around its outer edges to capture people’s line of sight. When the postcard zooms in on a particular area rather than focus on a lot of extra embellishments elsewhere, it gains more impact and cause people to notice its message.
  3. Make it eye-catching – Eye-catchers have created milestones as far as improvement ideas for postcards marketing are concerned. In a nutshell, eye-catchers are items or features in the postcard that appeal to readers at first glance. Whether a heart-rendering quote, a glittery design or some hologram – eye-catchers come in various forms and can easily be combined with a postcard design with little to no cost. From there, you can entice readers and spark their interest in the message by customizing the postcard and giving it a magical feel (or any such feeling that appeals to the general public).
  4. Learn to manage and be mindful of colors – Color makes or breaks a postcard’s attractiveness. It contributes to or lessen its appeal, depending on the way it is being used or laid out. Better and brighter colors are highly recommended in postcards marketing. To those who plan to improve the quality of their postcard printing, they should start including colors in their marketing strategy. Emotionally charged colors such as red and black, for example, can have certain effects in the overall presentation of the postcard. Therefore, do not rush when choosing colors. Mull over the possibilities and its relevance to the product and other such factors.

Hopefully these ideas would add more value to your real estate postcards marketing plan.