For, any of a number of personal reasons, you’ve made the decision, you want to put your home, on the real estate market, with the hope, of getting it sold. However, I’ve discovered, in my, over a decade, as a Licensed Real Estate Salesperson, in the State of New York, some home’s sell quickly, and somewhat, easily, while others, seem to linger, for a prolonged period of time. This article will briefly examine, and review, 6 keys to effectively, getting your house sold. Wouldn’t it make sense, therefore, for homeowners, to best position themselves, to achieve their objectives, productively and effectively, to try to achieve your objectives, which are usually to receive the highest available price, in the shortest possible period of time, with the absolute minimum of hassle?

1. Pricing: There are many pricing philosophies, and a number of factors, determine which might be most significant, and/ or effective. Begin with the principles of supply and demand, and realize, when there are more buyers and buyer – interest, than houses, available for sale, prices usually rise. However, one must also, use some marketing sense and wisdom, realizing, there is a balance between the price listed, and buyer interest. For example, recently, I put a house on the market at the lower end of the market – range, with the intent of inducing greater buyer introduce, and a bidding war. It worked, and within 3 days, the house was sold, there were 22 offers, and the selling price was about 13% above the listing price. When one, too aggressively prices his home, he risks scaring – away potential, prospective buyers! So, there is a balance!

2. Curb appeal: When a potential buyer drives up, and approaches the house, what is his first impression? Does a negative curb appeal, drive potential buyers, to ignore the house, rather than even, taking a look?

3. To stage, or not to stage: Because there is a cost, to staging a home, one must consider, one’s purpose in doing so. Look objectively, and see, if staging will substantially spur additional interest, and raise the offering price?

4. Marketing plan/ advertising/ promotions: Depending on the market (buyers, sellers, or neutral), the type and quality/ efficiency/ effectiveness of the marketing plan, including advertising and promotions, is often a significant factor!

5. Teamwork: Effectively marketing and selling a home, requires a meeting of the minds, not only between buyer and seller, but, even before that, between homeowner, and his real estate agent. How the team will work together, should be thoroughly discussed and planned, from the onset!

6. Negotiating strategy: When hiring your agent, thoroughly discuss your agent’s negotiating philosophy, strategy, expertise, and skills. It is not enough, simply, to be told, someone is a superb negotiator!

Since the objective of listing your home, for sale, is to get it sold, doesn’t it make sense, to prepare in the best possible way? Will you prepare, so the process goes easily, and you get the best possible results?