When it comes time, to consider selling your home, there are many important considerations, in order to achieve, and accomplish, your priorities. Often, not enough time, and energy, is dedicated to paying attention, to enhancing the house’s CURB appeal, in order to make it, a strength, and enhance more qualified, potential buyers, to want to come inside, and view it more closely, and in – depth! After all, if they don’t take the time to look, the odds of having them, purchase it, is exponentially, reduced! With that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using he mnemonic approach, what this means, and why, it helps, in the efforts, to effectively, market, and sell your home.

1. Clean; clutter; creative; character; charming: You only get one opportunity, to make a first impression, so, a wise homeowner, makes certain, the first thing, a potential buyer, observes, when he approaches your home, is a clean, attractive property. Reduce clutter, and any other negative distractions! Be creative, and objective, and consider, how you can enhance curb appeal! Do everything, possible, to enhance the character, and perceived attractiveness, of the house, and property. Will the first impression, be, of a charming, clean, well – taken – care of, property, and house?

2. Useful; uses: If a potential buyer, becomes easily capable of visualizing useful features, immediately, they begin with a positive attitude, instead of losing patience, and emphasizing the negatives! Have you considered, a variety of items, in, and around the house, where the uses, attract attention, in a well – meaning, way, and lets them, more easily, consider, how they might enjoy, living there?

3. Resonates; responses; reasonable: If a potential buyer, is not immediately, impressed, he focuses on the price, and starts to emphasize, all the reasons, he may believe, it’s unreasonable! When he resonates with it, and begins, visualizing, himself, living there, his response is far more comfortable, accommodating, and enhances the potential of getting a reasonable offer!

4. Benefits; better/ best: Isn’t it a smart strategy, to put the house’s best foot, forward, by clearly demonstrating, and emphasizing its strengths, and quality? Focus on the benefits of living there, and how, it makes sense, and will make the buyer’s life, pleasant, and happy!

If you decide to sell your home, seriously consider, paying keen attention to its CURB appeal, and ways to improve it! When you accentuate the positive, and make the best possible, first impression, you improve the potential of the results of selling your house.