For your own personal reasons, whether because you’ve decided to up – size, or down – size, are relocating, or for any other reason, you’ve decided it’s time to sell your house. For most people, this period of time, is, often, quite stressful, tense, and challenging, because of the uncertainties, needs, possible time – pressures, the stress of the real estate transaction period (itself), or their emotional connection with the place they’ve lived (your memories, experience, life cycles, etc). To briefly discuss this scenario, this article will review, using the mnemonic approach, how your personal attitude and mindset, etc, impacts how you will and should proceed, and how to, more objectively, consider, what’s best about your HOME.

1. Head/ heart: How will you differentiate the logical, fact – based considerations, regarding your home, as opposed to the strictly emotional components? We refer to this as the head/ heart balance, and while one is logical and the other emotional, both, become, very real considerations, with impacts! The logical considerations must be reviewing the competition, the pluses and minuses, what might add (and/ or subtract) value, and a reasonable, meaningful, marketing system – based, way, to price it, to sell! The emotional components, while have real meaning to you, generally do not have that type of value, to prospective buyers, and pricing should be based on logic, etc.

2. Options; organized: What is different about your house, in both a way, which might add value, as well as, perhaps, negatively impact it? Which options have been added, and/ or included, which perhaps, if emphasized and focused upon, might generate greater interest and enthusiasm? How about the way the house flows, in terms of how one moves from room – to – room, etc? Is there something unique and/ or exceptional about storage areas, closets (including closest systems, and/ or size or number), etc?

3. Materials; magnificent; maintenance: Are there any exceptional, higher quality, or in – demand materials, used in this house? This may include granite counter – tops, higher quality floors and/ or tiles, exceptional bathrooms, etc. What would you consider, magnificent, about your house? Are there any specific characteristics, which might make maintenance simpler, less costly, etc?

4. Energy – related; easy: Have you looked at what is easy, and a potential selling point, in terms of your home? Are there any energy – related or efficient features, such as insulation, windows and doors, furnace efficiency, etc, which might add interest, for your home?

If you hope to sell your home, doesn’t it make sense, to consider ways to make the process easier, garner a higher selling price, less hassle, and quicker? What’s best about your HOME?